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There are more and more eco-friendly brands out there.

And that’s really good news for fashion and the Earth in general as this is one of the most polluting industries to date. We’re thankful to have plenty of thoughtful people entering the fashion business and trying to make it a bit better. As a matter of fact, we consider that sustainability should be a basic requirement in all entrepreneurial endeavors.

Although there are a lot of responsible alternatives when it comes to clothing, we felt like most of them were lacking a bit of spice and eccentricity. That is exactly what we want to bring with WAAS.

Our goal is not to point at what has been done wrong in the past, it is about taking part in making what’s good for the future.

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Our ambition is to shed a new light on printed t-shirts. WAAS' original collections are independent from one another and each of them portrays a specific concept throughout a graphic series made by a talented artist.

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We think the choice of a t-shirt shouldn’t be taken lightly. For months, WAAS has been working on the conception of its unique designs and looked for the perfect t-shirt. WAAS thus analyzed dozens of t-shirts from well-established fashion powerhouses to vintage markets and identified what was making a t-shirt long-lasting and adapted to most body shapes, whether it was about its aspect or its quality.

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Unlike most printed t-shirts, WAAS’ clothes are designed, produced and printed in Europe, using certified 100%-organic cotton. WAAS focused all its efforts to reduce as much as possible its environmental footprint. That is also why all our clothes will only be produced in limited editions.

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