Our story

WAAS was born from the idea of two brothers who grew up in the 90s and who lived and breathed iconic movies and TV shows. Fascinated by some of the characters who have left their mark on the collective mind of a whole generation, they decided to associate them in an obvious yet unprecedented way. As one was drawn to fashion, the other was inspired by design, resulting in the creation of the very first collection of WAAS, a timeless high-quality clothing line with one-of-a-kind designs.

We want to be fully transparent with you.

Our brand’s longevity will largely depend on the success of our first collection. That is why WAAS decided to set up a pre-order system to meet expectations of anyone who identifies themselves with the brand spirit. Beyond this pre-order period, our current model will not be available for you to buy anymore and you will have to wait for the next one.

Long story short, WAAS is an independent family brand whose success depends on how people will relate to its first collection. Because we chose to produce responsibly, with top-notch quality materials, WAAS clothes will be available in limited editions. Our pre-order system enables us to anticipate and facilitate the production process and offer you an atypical clothing line with designs full of meaning which will spark curiosity all year long.

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