Quality & Print

How does it feel?

We think the choice of a t-shirt shouldn’t be taken lightly. For months, WAAS has been working on the conception of its unique designs and looked for the perfect t-shirt. WAAS thus analyzed dozens of t-shirts from well-established fashion powerhouses to vintage markets and identified what was making a t-shirt long-lasting and adapted to most body shapes, whether it was about its aspect or its quality.

Combining quality, fit and style, WAAS opted for a slightly-oversized cut, neither too loose, nor too tight.

A thick 100%-organic cotton, ideal for a soft feeling on the skin and a t-shirt which is not going to wrinkle. Thanks to its thickness, the t-shirt naturally follows your body shape and adapts to most morphologies, both male and female. One can easily wear it during hot summer days as well as layered under a flannel shirt or under a warm sweater during the cold winter evenings by the fire.

Our secret weapon

The first frustration source when it comes to printed clothes is linked to the fact that these prints usually fade away after a few washes. Choosing a high-end screen-printing method, WAAS is able to offer vividly-colored clothes which do not remain unnoticed and do not vanish over time.

WAAS partnered with a top professional printer from France who uses the highest-quality inks on the market to offer the most colourful rendering. The screen-printing method is often described by specialists as the most long-lasting print method for the ink is anchored in the fabric - as opposed to direct-to-garment and transfer methods. Odds are the print will outlive the t-shirt it is on.

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